Sunday, February 8, 2009


Isis is the brain child of me sitting there preggers on the couch bemoaning the fact I couldn't handle wool (was sensitive right then) and wanting to knit. I really don't like working above sport weight, I like light yarns. So, how to get a nice fingering weight cotton yarn that wouldn't break the bank?

I sat there playing with some of the heavier yarns, and came up with what everyone thought was a cracked out idea. Why not separate the plys into something I liked? It wasn't until I got my wheel 2 years later that I was able to make a lot of it. Until then I pretty much sat there with the ball and hairclips and let it hang. Someday I'll take and post a video of my "technique".

Isis undergoes a 3 step process just to come into being. This is why I refer to it as Custom Spun. All work is done by me, on my wheel Arduwynne. On average it takes me 2 hours to make up 150 yards. And this is usually done after it's been dyed, so there are 2 skeins that absolutly match in colors.

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