Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beauty Sheeps

Introducing Beauty Sheeps. A line of hand crocheted face cloths in a variety of colors. Lightly textures, soft enough for a baby's face, and tough enough to take on the dishes, and win! The sell in packs of 3, and come with one white/black/natural (depends on the color used), one patterned, and one "solid" of a hand painted yarn. These are done in Isis cotton yarn, so are softer and thinner than others on the market. But don't let that thinness fool you. They are tough and sturdy, just like the 5'2" person who makes them. Yes, I'm short, your point? :-P

Beauty Sheep in Cheshire Smile

Also up are some beautiful scarves, made by me of course. And a chunk of my stash is going up for grabs too.

Wool/Alpaca/Nylon crocheted scarf.

How could I forget the handspun? Hand spun cottons, wools, and a merino/alpaca/border collie blend. Check them out.

The Merino/Alpaca/Border Collie blend.

Hand spun Organic cotton, naturally dyed

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dancilhoney said...

I love the quality of the egyptian cotton towels but more than that I love the idea of buying a gift for my family and friends.